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Solaro XC-SGP

Solaro XC-SGP is a four-channel general-purpose input/output (GPIO) card for Solaro Series processors.

The XC-SGP offers the ability to command third-party products and peripherals that are non-networked through both logic or voltage. It is software-selectable for either input or output functionality.

Technical Specifications

Input Mode

  • Inputs

    Four (4)

  • Type

    GPIO logic or voltage (software-selectable)

  • Logic GPIO

    Short to ground to activate

  • Voltage GPIO

    0–24 VDC sensing, 12 DC control

Output Mode

  • Outputs

    Four (4)

  • Type

    GPIO LED or Sink (software-selectable)

  • LED Output

    3mA per output

  • Source Sink

    300mA per output