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Solaro XC-SUB

Solaro XC-SUB is a 2x2 (send/receive) USB audio card for Solaro Series processors.

The XC-SUB offers volume and mute status sync for Microsoft Teams and connects over a USB 2.0, Class 1 Audio Type B female connector. Solaro XC-SUB is an essential for conferencing, education and hybrid applications demanding high quality computer-based audio, leveraging Xilica proprietary signal processing algorithms and HearClear acoustic echo cancellation.

Technical Specifications
  • Channel(s)

    Two input, two output

  • Interface

    USB 2.0, Class 1 Audio

  • Bit-Depth

    16 bit

  • Sampling Rate


  • USB Audio Profile(s)

    1 x 1 – Speakerphone (HFP host, AEC disabled)
    1 x 1 – Speakerphone (HFP host, AEC enabled)
    2 x 2 – General line in/out soundcard (A2DP)


    Control integration for mute, volume sync with Windows and Mac OS
    Mute status sync for Microsoft Teams

  • Connector(s)

    USB Type B female