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Xilica x Sennheiser Room Kits for Conferencing & Collaboration

Bigger spaces don’t have to mean bigger headaches.

Xilica and Sennheiser believe deploying great sound across medium and large spaces should be as easy as small rooms. Together, we’ve created pre-validated, turn-key room kits that utilize end-to-end CatX cable to help your users get connecting in a click.

how we make it easy:

Rooms are quick and simple to design.

With pre-made room kits, just pick the SKU that matches your room size. All components are tested and fully interoperable, with no advanced settings or proprietary wiring to learn.

Both bundles suit any room configuration, as the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 tracks speakers throughout the space and optimises pickup for their location. Additionally, the wide, even coverage of Xilica Sonia C5 speakers means your team can sit anywhere and walk around the space while maintaining great meeting quality.

Components are individually optimized for voice intelligibility, with advanced features such as Sennheiser TrueVoicelift natively embedded; Xilica HearClear AEC; and Xilica VoiceMatch to heighten clarity of human speech through Sonia speakers.

Installation is plug-and-play.

Pre-configured templates for common room uses and UC platforms mean you can be up and running quickly. Tweak a few settings, connect your components, and you’re good to go.

End-to-end Category cable in our kits ensures no messy termination or bulky copper wire. Use standard IT infrastructure to enable great sound throughout your spaces. You can install everything into a suspended ceiling¹ using a standard network switch, so say goodbye to in-room racks.

Entirely PoE for a click-and-go deployment. No power cables, additional construction or electrical required to install these kits in your desired location.

Easy for the enterprise.

Standardise rooms across your facility, scaling up to the Large Room Kit, or down to the Medium Room Kit, while maintaining a consistent management and installation experience for your team in each space.

Easy procurement options for all components through leading resellers worldwide, and the combined support and service of Xilica and Sennheiser.

We’ve tested and validated Xilica x Sennheiser Room Kits for compatibility with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex by Cisco, so you won’t find any surprises.

“These Xilica and Sennheiser bundles make it quick and easy to audio-enable meeting rooms in one building or throughout an entire enterprise”

—Ira Weinstein, Managing Partner, Recon Research

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1 Drop ceiling installation in United States & Canada requires third-party Plenum box for Solaro QR1-UC; check with your distributor prior to purchase for available options.