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Right-sized for any room.


Supremely capable.

However you choose to deploy processing, Solaro provides a right-size for your room.

Locate processing in-room, or centralize in an IT datacenter to cost-optimize the implementation of multiple rooms. Solaro offers footprints that handle both with ease, incorporating the industry’s smallest-form-factor processor1 and a rack-mounted enterprise core. Mount under a table, behind a display, or in a drop-ceiling with the PoE-powered Solaro QR1. Or cater to high-channel-count and distributed applications with the Solaro FR1.

In smaller deployments, localized processing with a Solaro QR1 in each room helps eliminate infrastructure installation and keeps collaboration spaces self-sufficient.
However, the processors can still share a common network using standard CatX cable and no special switches, enabling oversight and control from anywhere in the estate.

Google Meet

Built for unified communications.

Built to outperform in the most demanding web-based collaboration environments, Solaro easily handles Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Hangouts with class-leading performance. Interoperability with select platforms allows for driverless USB volume and mute sync with peripherals in your system, such as ceiling microphones.

Always hear clearly.

Realistic, natural-sounding audio is delivered by class-leading HearClear™ acoustic echo cancellation. Utilizing knowledge from thousands of runtime hours, HearClear eliminates far-end echo with sophisticated algorithms to give collaborators a seamless and noise-free experience.

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Keeping things under control.

Powerful integrated control engine functionality within every Solaro processor helps run a full AVC system with fewer components. Connect touchscreens and wall-pads to Solaro over Ethernet and eliminate costly third-party control systems, leveraging built-in Lua scripting cores and native modules for Technology Vendor Partners. And when you do want to use a third-party controller, Solaro connects to Crestron® and AMX® systems in a few clicks.

Deliver a streamlined network experience.

Leverage standard network infrastructure to route audio and control across a facility with Solaro’s in-built Layer 3 Dante™ functionality, or benefit from Ethernet-to-Ethernet AV systems without proprietary cable and connectors. Safeguard bandwidth and ring fence security with an onboard dual NIC² to achieve physical separation of data and audio networks. And with both primary and secondary Dante networks, Solaro can deliver for mission-critical use cases where redundancy is key.

Solaro FR1-D illustrated

Breakthrough performance with the Xilica X8™ chip.

Harnessing two decades of processor innovation, the Xilica X8 System-on-a-Chip (SoC) delivers astonishing power for enterprise-grade applications with a lightning-fast CPU, best-in-class MIPS/mW performance, and minimal power consumption. It also provides exceptional audio quality, with 40-bit floating point processing and class-leading 32-bit signal conversion, backed by sampling rates of up-to 96kHz. Hearing the difference is easy.

Engineered to always adapt.

Reimagined modularity sits firmly at the core of Solaro, with user-configurable I/O bays that eliminate the need for special tools or service visits. Solaro processors can be populated with any I/O card to deliver the feature-requirements match for your application, allowing systems to scale and product lifecycles to extend — lowering total cost of ownership. From traditional analog audio to USB, GPIO to relay control, it’s all possible.

Part of something bigger.

Creating great spaces for authentic interaction is easy with best-in-class partners. Solaro processors pair with extensively-tested products from Technology Vendor Partners to deliver seamless compatibility, so when you depend on them, they just work. Without worry.


Solaro Specifications

  • THD+N (22Hz to 22kHz)

    0.002% (1kHz @ +4dBu)

  • EIN

    <125dBu, unweighted (20Hz to 20kHz)

  • Dynamic Range

    110dB, unweighted

  • Propagation Delay


  • Crosstalk, input to input, 1kHz


  • Sampling Rate


  • A/D-D/A Converters


  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation

    Requires HearClear™ license; 250ms latency at eight channels, 100ms at 16 channels

  • BTU/Heat Load

    205 BTU/hr

  • Processor Type

    40-bit floating point

  • Phantom Power

    +48VDC (with XC-SML)

  • Power Supply

    90-240 VAC (50-60Hz) via internal power supply with IEC socket

  • Power Consumption


  • Ambient Operating Temperature

    32-104°F (0–40°C)

  • Humidity

    0–98%, non-condensing

  • Altitude

    0-6,600 feet (0–2000 Meters) MSL

  • Network Connections

    Without XC-CTODN: 1x RJ45 (≥Cat 5e) for control.
    With XC-CTODN: 3x RJ45 (≥Cat 5e) including dual dedicated 1000Mbps Dante™ connections and separate Ethernet port for control

  • USB (with XC-SUB)

    Bit depth: 16-bit
    Number of channels: 2×2, send and receive
    Driver sample rate: 48kHz
    Card sample rate: follows DSP settings
    Connector: USB B, female

  • Dante™

    Requires XC-CTODN; 64×64 bi-directional (primary, secondary) with dual NIC; AES67

Documentation, Software & Support

Documentation, software and support is available on the Xilica Support Hub.

Need help? Compare the Xilica ranges to help you find what is right for your needs.

Accessories for this product
Solaro XC-SGP
Four Channel GPIO Card
Solaro XC-SUB
Two Channel USB I/O Card
Solaro XC-SLO
Two Channel Analog Audio Output Card
Solaro XC-SML
Two-Channel Analog Audio Input Card

1 Market evaluation conducted by Xilica on March 21, 2021, from a pool of professional audio-visual vendors marketing and shipping a standalone audio digital signal processor. Based on dimensions of Solaro QR1 core excluding any optional hardware.

2 Applies to Solaro FR1-D, Solaro XIO 16.

X8 and HearClear are trademarks of Xilica Corporation. The X8 trademark refers to a System-on-a-Chip designed by Xilica hardware engineers to merge multiple third-party chips onto a single silicon for performance and quality enhancements in the delivery of specific performance criteria.

Microsoft Teams is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Zoom is a trademark of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Cisco WebEx is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. Google Hangouts is a trademark of Google LLC. Dante is a trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd and is used under license. Crestron is a registered trademark of Crestron Electronics, Inc. AMX is a registered trademark of AMX, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.